foto koos bw-klKo-Assist was founded by Koos van der Zanden, a passionate marketeer with knowledge and experience of business and passion for everything that improves the selling of goods, services and ideas. In his career he added valuable contribution to the commercial success of various market players with smart strategies and creative marketing and communication activities. From his own experience he knows that expensive activities and campaigns are not always a guarantee for success.

Ko-Assist offers custom made solutions and support in B2B and B2C and collaborates with specialists on customer demand. That is why Ko-Assist is an accessible, clear and flexible agency for both SME and larger companies and organizations.

Ko-Assist has a clear working process that starts with an orientating meeting with the client. After further analysis of the case, Ko-Assist offers the client a free plan, including a transparent cost budget.
After approval of the plan, the execution and implementation begins and during the process the client will experience that for Ko-Assist agreements and deadlines are there to meet.

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